virtualization - Difference between 'Custom' and 'LAN Segments' networking options in VMWare 8?

  • Ricardo Polo

    For communicating between VMs, what is the difference between the 'Custom' and 'LAN Segments' networking options in VMWare 8?

    The documentation is not clear.

    Does one of them have any advantage over the other? If not, why do they exist?

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  • user97644

    Only if you plan to use VLAN, or Cluster VMs.

    LAN Segments can be use to create Teaming between Network Adapters, or just to create private LANs inside of a group of VMs.

    Take a look some article regarding both, and how to implement

    Hope this can help

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    virtualization - Connect to vmware virtual machine via network
  • Arnis L.

    I want to connect to my vmware vm from home.

    To work network i'm connecting through VPN.

    VM sits on one of the workstations (can connect to it through RDC).

    Any tips how to do that? What software do i need (got VMWare workstation atm)?

    p.s. i'm quite a newbie at this.

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  • Helvick

    IF you can RDP to this VM from a separate machine within your work LAN then you should be able to do the same from your home system if you are allowed to open a VPN connection to your work network. It's possible that your work network might block RDP over the VPN link, again test this by connecting to a machine that you know RDP works for when connecting from within your work LAN.

    The basic set up on your VMware Workstation system will require that you use bridged networking to connect your VM to your work network (not NAT or local only).

  • Sunny

    It depends how you have set the VM's networking. If it is "host" only or NAT), you can't do it (at least not directly). But if you set it as bridged, then the VM will have it's own IP address on the network, and once connected to the VPN, you should be able to access it.